Environmental Justice (EJ) is an inherently interdisciplinary subject. Students from a variety of backgrounds – including law, political science, environmental science, sustainability, urban studies, and history – may have opportunities to incorporate EJ in their work. As such, the following coursework plan pulls from a variety of departments at Columbia. It is intended to provide students with a broad foundation in humanities and sciences needed for virtually any work in Environmental Justice, with opportunities for specialization. 

Contact listed departments regarding course scheduling. Not every class will be offered every year/semester.

Students in DEES, EEE, and EEEB, as well as those interested in higher-level environmental sciences should enroll in EESC 2100

The following classes offer depth to foundational coursework in science. Contact departments regarding course timing.

These classes provide a foundational introduction to political science, anthropology, and American history

These interdisciplinary sustainable development courses have an explicit environmental justice/climate justice dimension